Tuesday, July 15, 2008

a few of my favorite things

had several days to experience some of the things i really enjoy-
♥-time off (yea)
♥-knitting and quilting time
♥-visiting a new place- airforce museum and ga music hall of fame-both very cool and who knew ga had so much influence on all genres of music -some photos here, here, and here. ♥-time with the family- especially with no clock watching!
♥-shopping and bargains at the outlet mall

♥-the views and vistas while driving to dawson county

had to stop to take a picture of these

♥-time to myself with no rushing, set agenda (except store purchases!), etc. would enjoy company next time.

dinner with friends (friday night)

♥-brunch with SILs and sara-who made the most awesome carrot cake-wonder how they'd taste as cupcakes-hmmmmm?

casting on a new project with SILs-and reunion of the zombie socks

all good stuff- don't you agree? guess that leads to a very belated "Gratitude":: having the opportunity to take it all in, and reflect on how lucky i am right now. looking at each day full in the face, and "saying" i'm going to get all i can out of you today!

capre' diem ya'll!


LotusKnits said...

Such pretty sunflowers! Looks like a nice shopping trip - can't wait to see what you got at Coach!

mary said...

wow - when you talked about the sunflowers I didn't imagine anything as big as that - I can totally see why you stopped for a picture! and love all those bags - what's from W-S?