Wednesday, July 9, 2008

that's cool . .

this week included some random bits of coolness, and it has nothing to do with the weather! first off, my weekend begins today at noon, yea looooong weekend, always cool--

next, i was making cards, and pulled out some ribbon i had bought on clearance a couple months ago, and when i unwound the ribbon- ta da-it's self-adhesive- leave it to martha stewart to come up with something cool and efficient---no glue dots, or other bits to hold the ribbon onto the paper. i was so capitvated by the coolness of this product, i bought some deocrative tape featuring the same adhesive! thanks martha (you old jail bird, you)-honestly you gotta love it--

then- upping the cool'o'meter- wound the loose nut for this weekend's cast-on- i'm getting better at this whole at home-yarn-winding business! brunch and knitting- yea you know cool--

my blooming dipladenia-aka: mandevilla (who knew) isn't it gorgeous- very similar to the bougainvillea--oooooo tropical coolness
new hand railings very cool-to compliment the new steps, the same steps that should have been done right the first time- oh well, live and learn- right? second photo is a view from the porch of my garden spot- i've added a few more bits since this photo was taken-will be an unending wip for awhile- want to add more color for spring and summer.

a snap from the dining room window- have added a sunflower looking thingy to the urn-with the heat this is definately not a cool spot to be, but it is pretty n'est pas?

and finally, the ultimate in coolness this week--

i was doing up the shoulder seams of the moss sweater when my oldest proclaimed- "hey that's really cool how you did that- wow, how long did it take you to make it"- oh my- enough to bring tears to your eyes- pure joy-of course, he turned down my offer to teach him how to knit-maybe i'll have daugters-in-law . . . .


Anonymous said...

All of your gardening efforts look great--it does take work. Guess we'll be able to see it when we come to Georgia for Katie's graduation in the spring and then Jill's in the late spring. When we're there in November it's hard to visualize the yards and trees with leaves...Polly

mary said...

definitely agree with polly - the gardening looks beautiful and I'm a huge fan of the tropical flowers. enjoy your trip! very much looking forward to sunday!