Wednesday, July 23, 2008

it's been a while

some random bits of updating:

melanie was curious about the coach purchase- stylish and chic (the bag not me, but trying)

the w&s bag- (mary) nothing super fun, but got some bits for the kitchen that were awesome deals: pizza pan, itty bitty scrapper, infuser for mulling spices for this fall, strainer, itty bitty spoonula (love these) new dishtowels, brining bags for this year's turkey, and a candle

the green cardi- done, done and done! love it, put it through the washer and dyer after this photo was taken. helped a bit with the fit and general look::: note to self- put together before doing sleeves in order to adjust for the shoulder drop (if present)

a huge mess- the family photo project underway- lotta progress made- plan to do some "mini" books as discussed on ali's blog. not anything overly detailed, just want to make sure the photos are in a central spot, and the suspects identified.

post photo- nicely organized---see anyone you know??

more progress on the moss sweater- working on the sleeves, and have picked up stitches rather than do the sleeve as a separate piece, hope it works- no photo yet

no pj for nearly a week:: jekyll island youth retreat- must be staying out of trouble as i haven't received any phonecalls! mohawk is gone- he decided it was boring! andrew enjoying not having "big" brother around, and the house to himself, doesn't pj make a cute swift? future blackmail photos

outing to cast on cottage to pickup the rest of mom's yarn and lunch for andrew and i at henry's- yum!

play day with kathy and her girls:: pool, knitting, quilting, yummy snacks (no photos as there was no make up and seriously bad hair!)

got this gorgeous stuff for the PRSC- wow- what a difference from the last two

hmmm, i think that's it- got some new recipe ideas for giada and mom comes home next week- wow- has anyone see july? i think it's missing!


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LotusKnits said...

whoa baby, looks like you're going to have to password your comments! eek. anyway, love the bag!!! too cute! glad you like the yarn too :)

mary said...

thanks for all the photos! I think the green cardi looks fabulous - nothing wrong with the sleeves that I can see? now can't wait to see what you knit next from that book! agree with you about the PRSC - totally love the colors of this one!