Tuesday, September 2, 2008

bits and bobs

here are some photos i promised a while back. decided on a mosaic-it's sometimes easier to work with.

first row: kecia's birthday quilt- the brown and blue are the back with a glimpse of the top, i made a mini quilt of the same fabrics i used, i'll be happy to play show'n'tell sometime. our one and only time this summer where we dined outside. love the new table, seats 6 much more comfortably. hopefully with cooler weather in the future we'll have some more alfresco dinners. pj and jessica along with kecia and andrew (you can't see them) playing a card game during our visit.

2nd row: kecia's birthday cake: chocolate with chocolate icing: toffee bits and walnuts-yum! completed albums (always a yea!) and some of my newest fabric purchased. the "snowmen" are actually smores made to look like snowmen, can't wait to start that quilt. the green and pink fabric are for something i haven't decided yet, but looooved the print

3rd row: bolts of new fabric that arrived~~spotted on mine and kathy's last visit here- what is it about these fabric patterns that are sooo addictive? may get a few yards on the next trip~~~baby boy blanket, just finished my THIRD in this colorway, a nice break from the baby blue, but i'd really love to knit a girly one sometime! a look at some of the fabrics at the quilt store, this place is huge and it is organized by color, i love them all, and who knew there would be so much to choose from~~~i do get the same feeling when i go to a yarn shop.

other knitting updates: the moss sleeves these are ted-i-ous!!!, maybe with soccer starting i'll make some serious progress before it gets really cold. haven't touched a sock in almost 3 weeks, but I am getting a bit done on the secret sister gift. i want to pick out a fall sweater or vest to make with some of the wool I bought at why knot knit, so hopefully and soon i can peruse patterns and do a swatch. my plan this fall is to only work on small projects between now and christmas, hats, fingerless gloves, socks etc, then get going good guns while i off at christmas- best laid plans and all that!


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mary said...

ooohhh love the pictures! (and so agree about the mosaic - check out my post about our weekend :-) looking forward to playing around with home decor on saturday - steve seems on board for the two big changes... let's hope we can make it all come together!