Sunday, September 14, 2008

ordinary life

a mosaic of "ordinary" things:

soccer: we lost 3-4, but played a really great game, andrew shows a lot of improvement~i found this while we were doing a lake cleanup/youth cookout on saturday, looks like morning glory and ivy combined. the area where i found this is typically underwater, but with the draught, who really knows!~polly, any idea of what this is?~secret sister stole, coming along~a lovely shade of pink~picture perfect sunday dinner last week-pj plated his food so nicely it deserved a picture~fall arrangement-idea stolen from mary~moss is done (doing a little jig!!) can't wait til it's cold enough to wear it-it's not the most perfect knitting, but i love it anyway, it will be warm and cozy and symbolizes my determination to stick with it, now that i've learned how the better pick out patterns, this will be a benchmark as i continue to learn~and as promised pictures of the mantle before then after- thank you so much for helping on this, mary- i'm really pleased with the results and please feel free to move other things around!

ordinary things that are really "extra" ordinary

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mary said...

the "after" picture looks great! love how you finished it. and congrats on the finished sweater - such a great accomplishment!!