Monday, September 29, 2008


based on mary's comment on the last post, and this posting, here's a run down on where i get my fabric, now i have to pause and say that one of the things i enjoy about mary is that she really appreciates hand crafts~she understands the time and passion that goes into creating, and she definitely has her own gift for crafty things-now i don't think she's going to run out and buy a goat to make her own goat cheese, or start making her own soap- but if she comes across those things while she's out and about she'll definitely support the artist- sooooo when mary spent time looking at fabric in portland, i could almost see the little gears moving, so maybe she's getting the urge, or maybe not- but anyway~~~

red hen fabrics- marietta- love this place-it's big- roomy you can really see what they got, everything is arranged by color, so if you need blue all shades are there. the ladies there are super nice- they are having a grand re-opening (they recently relocated) on october 11, lots of prizes and goodies-i'll be there!

little quilts- also in marietta- i've only been here once-not as big, but carries the prints of traditional early american and civil war styles- if you want to do something using reproduction fabrics this would be the place to go- now they do carry other "fun" fabrics, but not as much as the red hen

tiny stitches-you guessed it, marietta-again, only been here once, they lots of whimsical and "fun" fabrics. a wonderful beatrix potter collection, Georgia Tech!!!!, and holiday prints.

kathy and i are hoping to take a class while i'm off from work after christmas, and we've already pickup some bits and ideas for gifts, so we'll see!

and a final wrap up on the curiosity about quilts, here is a photo of the quilts we made over the weekend at church- 22 quilts that will go to those in need, we hope to do more again, it was a very productive and fun day.

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mary said...

love this! ...yes, I'm intrigued, but not quite ready to bite (because I would also need to buy a sewing machine and think this year's big purchase will be a camera instead). tiny stitches was on the list of stores I found online, but not the other two - will definitely have to check them out! I really had no idea quilting could be so .... cool ! (thanks to you and Kathy for setting me straight!)