Friday, September 26, 2008


many of the goals i set and projects i plan center around the seasons. fall/spring are for landscaping, winter/fall woolish knitting, hearty comfort foods::winter/summer for catching up and re-grouping (breaks from school and soccer), and summer/fall lighter knitting, light and easy cooking, etc. some projects are recurring some are one shot deals that get squeezed in somewhere. this year my spring/summer projects kinda ran together and i got nearly everything done. now i'm making lists and plans for the fall/winter season. i've committed myself as team mom, publicity chair for the church musical, POC for the lap quilt project and POC for an election day fund raiser we're doing at church. most of the hard work for these projects are finished---add to that the knitting I want to finish by thanksgiving see sidebar, holiday baking, shopping and planning, needless so say i'll be running willy nilly the next couple months-i think as long as my coffee cup is full and i get plenty of rest, and have enough GAS! i can check off these items with satisfaction of a job well done- now to catch up on what i have finished-the baby girl blanket got delivered- her name is lydia, isn't that cool?! now i don't have another one due until april 09- whew
plan to have some photos from the lap quilt project, i've already done a couple of these and they were amazingly easy, so i hope to do more of these as gifts. ALSO, i had to ditch the selected pattern for the loose nut socks- sorry mary and karen, after unraveling and trying to get going again, i just couldn't remember how the picot was done, and it was wearing me down, so now i'm doing this pattern and i'm really loving it, i'm on the foot of sock #1, hoping it will be finished by next week, and i can start on the boys hats, and finish the retro-ribs from interweaves favorites. here's to a productive weekend, and isn't the weather gorgeous??? let's go play outside shall we-TTFN

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mary said...

love it! can't wait to see the quilt projects (was quite smitten with the whole idea in portland) - where are you shopping for fabric? oh, and kudos to you for ditching the chosen pattern on those loosenut socks - the fruit loops look great - and maybe I'll join you in those!