Thursday, November 13, 2008

law of averages.

i don't think the law of averages apply in this case, but i could be wrong. this was my veteran's day project. i decided to rate my project outcome.

out of a possible 100 points i give myself~~
100 pts for satisfaction of a project goal completed
80 pts for desired outcome-
finished project is not exactly what i wanted, between mary and ali, i think they do a much better job with albums
100 pts for being glad that i'm finished with the adhering and making the mini book covers
100 pts for knowing i won't be doing a project of this scale for a very very long time
100 pts for knowing i used a bunch of materials that have been languishing in my paper stash
75 pts for the paper choices i had to work with

so by doing the math we get 92.5 not bad, i guess

these are the completed books, there's a bunch, need to journal, and figure out how in the world i'm going to punch holes into several layers of paper and chip board.

oh yea, i thanked several of the veterans i worked with--figured they deserved it, and they were surprised that they were being thanked- kinda sad-

1 comment:

mary said...

oh my - can't wait to see! for punching the holes, you need a crop-a-dile
(although for my mini books, I just use an old-fashioned hole punch, one hole/one layer at a time.)