Sunday, November 9, 2008

welcome fall and other stuff

halloween jack o'lanterns-never too old!

containers by the door finished, had to consider how much sunlight this area would get before buying the plants, added more pansies to the patio area- early morning was not a good time to try to take a photo of the front porch to show everything, but it's ready for fall-salad anyone?.
the sundial is installed! and it really works- the long shadow is on 8:00 which is about when the photo was taken-my first garden ornament- ♥!
mystery sock- 1 finished, and the mate under construction, the grey sock is the retro rib from this book- now my favorite book- this was also the project i took to the homecoming game

s'mores quilt for mom- she's going to sew on the buttons which will complete the "quilting look", i learned from this project, that i need a specific pattern to work from, i'm too much of a novice to figure it out as i go-
christmas themed quilt-will finish the quilting part at quilt club this weekend. love the colors and the nostalgic look of the fabric-have added more bits for my quilt stash- kathy and i have been scouring ebay for deals-once we see in the store the fabric, we hunt for the bargains. we both have a fondness for everything moda puts out-

things here are plugging along- looking forward to the holidays, making plans and lists!



mary said...

great update (was today a non-work day for you? only way I can think you got daylight photos on a weekday!) - can't wait to see the quilts in person - and since Tgiving is just around the corner, I'm sure I will :-) ...and love the sundial in it's real home

Sam said...

I love the colors of that quilt! Sewing is so not my talent. Lucky for me, when I need one, my Mom will make the whole thing for me! Mom's still rock, even when you're one yourself.