Monday, February 9, 2009

ready for anything.

my plans for saturday were to include a bit of reading, plenty of knitting, quilting, and some knitting help from mary. the tahoe was all packed and ready-- the weather gorgeous. following the short row session i headed back to the construction challenge site with plans to enjoy the sun, a cup of coffee and perhaps a snack, and make progress on the FLS-then i got THE CALL-the teacher supervising the CC got a call that her 4 year old had been injured-not wanting the kids to miss out on the last bit of the CC i told her i'd come supervise the last challenge, so she could be with her little guy- i finished up the bitty bolero, and then headed inside to spend 3 hours without coffee or afternoon snack, i took the FLS along with me, knitted away since my physical presence was all the CC required-needless to say after being away from home from 7 am- 6 pm without my routine afternoon coffee i was a bit grumpy by the time we met steve for dinner-i even felt a bit ill after dinner-not sure if it was the food, the headache, or the overly hungry feeling i had, but i was right as rain by sunday morning, and who wouldn't be with the gorgeous day, and finding this sweater-(on i so want to make this and look another top down sweater?

so all that to say-even the best laid plans can take a bit of a detour, but if you have a few of your favorite things i think it is a little easier to handle!


mary said...

so glad you survived CC! I LOVE the blister pattern (almost posted on my blog about it when I found it last week). and I do love the 2nd sweater, but the directions got a bit ... complex... for this girl - when I saw multiple places where I had to crochet for provisional castons, I actually started to think traditional bottom up with seams wasn't that bad!!

Anonymous said...

ah, the joys of being a parent...even I remember it well. Polly