Wednesday, February 11, 2009

sunny day on the veranda.

my co-workers can tell when warm weather is here, because i stop eating in the breakroom, and head out to enjoy the fresh air on the veranda (aka loading dock). last summer i brought our old patio table and chairs to the office so that i'd have a place to sit and eat when the weather is nice, and of course, the knitting comes with me! even in the heat of the summer the loading dock is cool and shady, so i get to enjoy my corner bistro about 9 months out of the year-often the "guys" are coming/going, and it gives me a chance to get caught up with them-several will stop to see what project i'm working on--many of them just shake their head and go inside! it's not the best view, but a nice way to break up the day.
and an update on the FLS-i totally love this project, and tried it on at home to check the fit, can't wait to get the buttons-field trip to cast on cottage anyone?

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mary said...

it's great that you get fresh air and knitting on your lunch break - totally jealous! ...totally up for a CoC trip - tell me when!