Saturday, March 28, 2009

2009 Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop

actually started the "hop" on thursday when brenda picked me up from work and we headed to newnan-great store there AND they told us about a new yarn shop that was opening on the 28th, so when we were done we headed over there and even though they weren't officially opened they let us browse around and see what they had already begun to put on the shelves- great place. we want to go back to the quilt store, the yarn store, and the antique stores, so plans are made to have a saturday excursion to newnan maybe in june.

we had an absolute blast yesterday despite the rain, headed out at 8 am to pick up kathy, joyce then brenda. took us a while to get to jonesboro, and quilts and fixins was our first stop-here i met my saturday morning cartoon favorite scooby doo. we were really feeling the excitement by the time we left our second stop (photo below is from a scarlett thread) in mcdonough.
never managed to get a shot of all of us together, but we had a lot of laughs, went to shops none of us had ever been to, and made promises to return. each shop had something that we liked, and there wasn't one that we totally preferred over another. it helped that many of them had fabrics that the others didn't. despite a misunderstanding on the hov lane, we were able to get brenda back on time, so by 4:45 we were back at her house, and then did a reverse drop off before i headed back to my house to top the pizzas for dinner before kathy came back to get me so we could do the shops in marietta! yes, we headed back out again, and managed to get to tiny stitches our last stop at 6:50, lingered here a bit longer since we were inside before closing time. made it back home by 8, am glad i had partially done the pizzas on thursday as it made dinner much easier. now i just need to take photos of my latest purchases-am real excited about my finds, and we got lots of coupons, fabric squares, patterns, etc in our goodie bags, now if only i'd win that new machine, or the basket of fat quarters, or the $900 shopping spree, or a door price (there were some good ones!) we'll see. am pretty sure we'll be doing this again next year.

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mary said...

wow, wow and wow! how many miles was it altogether??