Friday, April 3, 2009

off and on

the knitting needles that is, here's a knitting update, this photo does very little justice in terms of color, love the buttons, but am thinking i might be changing them out, not sure if i like them as well now they are on the sweater. we'll see what new york's button excursion provides, but it's done, and i'm taking it with me this weekend.
finished the "hey teach" not 100% sure about this, fit doesn't seem exactly perfect, but it might do better with a different shirt underneath, loved the yarn and color, and the buttons for this one. am taking it to ny anyway.
ny socks, from interweave knits favorite socks, these are evelyn clark's- go with the flow socks, will be taking the miami ribs on the plane and hope to finish the mate this weekend. and am using lorna laces shepherds sock yarn in pinstripe.
cast-on the millefiori cardigan, the yarn is from sublime, a cottony feel, gorgeous color, but not sure if this is going to work, i've got gauge, but it seems to cottony for this cardigan despite the specs in the instructions, will plug along because a) i want to knit this sweater and b) i want to use this yarn, so i'm sure a meeting of the minds will occur at some point. this will be my at home knitting while we're away, and it looks like it will be a quick knit once you get pass the pattern around the waist.
also, the knitting shop in newnan i mentioned before is Two Sisters Knitting Nook, the website is not up an running yet, but i'm looking forward to a visit there this summer.


mary said...

wow...lots of knitting! can't tell from the photos that the fit on your hey-teach isn't quite right - I think it looks great! and love the sock photo!! hope to see you in NYC - happy travels and knitting!

kae said...

hi Lydia - thanks for popping by my blog :) In re: to the clam shell pattern, I too was struggling on my first repeat of clam shells.. They looked truly revolting so I frogged it.

I found that after getting it right once, the trick was (surprisingly), not to count the dropping double yarnovers part. Every time i counted, i'd get it wrong, or it turned out gross.

Also, i'm not sure if it was just my knitting and lack of counting but i think there is an error in the stitch counts (not sure which row off the top of my head) so it was throwing my clam shell alignment out of whack. But once i ignored the stitch count in the pattern, it seemed to work out nicer..