Tuesday, March 3, 2009

new additions + discounts=happy face

there's nothing better than making additions to your crafty bits or library AND getting a discount in the process. quilt fabric stash enhancement- 33% off at red hen on saturday
who knew there were fabrics inspired by rowan and anne geddes. will be looking out for more in the future. am thinking about a log cabin [block style] quilt with the rowan fabric-and incorporating white or cream with the print as the center fabric. karen's suggestion of a purple and blue quilt inspires the fabric for the makings of a quilt for jillian.
joann's had knitting and quilting books 40% off-they were cleaned out by the time i stumbled upon this deal probably a good thing! extra discount at barnes and noble, and i added this cupcake cookbook- probably did need it, but who can resist those coupons!

other happy face moments- extra yummy receipes from gourmet that were tried over the weekend, and finishing the february lady sweater last night- photos and review of both to come!

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