Tuesday, April 14, 2009

getting by with a little help from my "friends"

tried working on the millefiori cardigan this past weekend-finally got to the part with the clamshell pattern tres difficile mes aimes! it just wasn't looking right, sooooo i decided to cast on the sweet tee, needed to feel productive. decided it was worth googling to see if anyone else had trouble-love the internet for this! found this and this and left a comment on both blogs and got quick responses from both knitters basically telling me to tally-ho, fight the good fight, and continue on-the pattern will work itself out-i was also surprised to note that several knitters managed to get through this project rather quickly, once you get past the clamshell it's all stockinette. now i have the sweet tee for lunchtime knitting, and the cardigan will be my at home knitting until i get further along. by this weekend, i also hope to cast on the go with the flow socks and finish the toe on the miami ribs. however; if the weather is nice, i have some much needed gardening that needs to take place, so expect an update of some sort.

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mary said...

glad you found some help...the internet is amazing, I agree - has completely changed the way I approach knitting. you've made me curious about both patterns...guess I need to check out ravelry to see what you're up to!