Monday, April 27, 2009

the road to happy feet

took a while to get there, love my pink toes! however, before i could relax and enjoy being pampered, we had to do a few things first!
first up a 3.5 mile hike up, and i do mean up, kennesaw mountain. after finally finding a place to park we were able to complete the hike in about an hour-not bad, then a picnic, followed by handing out almost 200 water bottles to day trippers at a local park-that part was hot, but we had a great time-
next up: people drop offs/pick ups, and a couple errands, after that a chance to shower, nap and put my feet up before we headed to the battle of the bands, 3 hours of heavy metal , loud music. although it wasn't really my thing music-wise, i was very pleased to see how many parents and a few grandparents showed up to support the bands. the things we do for our kids!
pj played in two: coverdown and strain theory-i thought strain theory was the better of the two. here's a video, pj's playing the bass (on the left) it's a bit long.

up for sunday morning was church, an exceptional sermon, one that makes you glad you didn't miss it-then kathy dropped by so we could go to red hen and get our april block of the month (did a little stash enhancement here!) then we stopped for lunch (tiramisu-yum!) before i headed off again to drop the boys off at church-then FINALLY happy feet (and hands)-what a weekend-the gorgeous weather made it even better!

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mary said...

what a great weekend!! (loved all the hike photos)