Friday, May 15, 2009

day 1 of weekend

my weekend officially started once i got home at 5:20-made good time considering i had to make a couple stops on my way home from work
~got a post card from katie from paris-love getting snail mail
~pizza for dinner
~made roasted chicken for sunday dinner
~worked on the multi-shapes sweater while enjoying the evening sunshine and a glass of wine
~watched baby blue jays getting birdseed from the feeder
~spoke with HOA president about pool issues
~spoke with karen about birthday ideas, knitting, mary's many photos from paris and seeing her on tuesday
~made 18 cupcakes for andrew's belated birthday
~cleaned up the kitchen- for the second time tonight
~did this blog posting before bed
~headed upstairs at 9:00 to read david baldacci's the collector (almost done-its really good now!)
that's it so far for the weekend, lots of activities planned for tomorrow, hope to get some good photos

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Anonymous said...

Oh, to be your age again! I used to be able to multitask but, alas, no longer. See you a week from today. Polly