Saturday, May 16, 2009

day 2 of weekend

it went something like this:
~up at 6:00
~2 smallish loads of wash (while this is going)
~floor exercises and 1 hour on the bike (usual routine)
~7:50-finally my first cup of coffee for the day!
~iced cupcakes
~washed potatoes for sunday dinner
~made picnic lunch for kenya festival
~sorted newspapers, magazines and cans
~straightened up the kitchen (again!)
~did other bits of straightening up
~shower and shampoo and ready to go by 9:15
~kenya festival until 1:00
~a bit of a break at home then off again at 2:15 for bowling to celebrate andrew's
~some knitting during bowling-we had a good time, played 3 games, will consider a knee brace next time, could really feel the knees while we bowled
~5:45-moe's for andrew's birthday dinner (this day was definitely about what he wanted to do, real good family time.
~6:45 home for cupcakes and birthday singing
~snail mail today included a post card from mary-very very cool
~2 more loads of wash
~roasted potatoes for sunday dinner
~some quilt time
~watching vh-1's top 100 songs of the 90s with pj
~some blog time
~plans to hit the bed by 9:30-starting a new book a foreign affair
the other photos from the day are on flickr-i really liked the classic car show-have always been a fan of muscle cars.

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mary said...

...I am just getting caught up on blogs and saw ali's challenge just before these posts - you had a wonderful weekend to document, for sure! love the photos on flickr, too. and much looking forward to catching up next weekend - xxoo - m.