Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 3 of weekend

pj serenades us at the graduation celebration

the day started like this:
~alarm going off at 5, then out of bed 5:15 (usual time again)
~floor exercises and 1 hour on the bike
~put dishes away while coffee is brewing
~7:02 first cup of coffee- yea!
~set oven for potatoes to cook while at church
~put chicken in cooker to keep warm
~shower, shampoo and ready for church 8:06-departure 8:20
~wonderful message by paul mcdowell (one of our deacons)
~went to the second service to hear the youth praise band play aka the resistance (they are really getting good)-amelia (yes, the one who used to live next door to us is playing the bass and johnnie on the drums lives in our neighborhood now, caitlin on keyboard and vocals and kristin doing vocals-the video isn't the best, i wasn't in a good position to take a full length, but pj does have a part that you can hear distinctively.

~11:40 counting offering with jack
~12:40 lunch time (was famished!)
~second pot of coffee
~quilting (on the sewing machine)
~a quick chat with kathy
~cooking chicken for tuesday
~cleaning up the kitchen (in between flipping the chicken :-) )
~some hand quilting
~putting fliers in mailboxes about the cookout coming up in june
~checking clubhouse for cleaning supplies (in the rain-yuk!)
~answering some emails
~getting this blog post ready
~heading to get chicken wings for the graduation party tonight at youth group
~dropping andrew and chicken off at church
~a stop at kohl's
~6-8 celebrating the seniors at our church: blake, zach, shayla, kristin d, kristin l, and rachel
~posting this blog
~going to bed at 9:00

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mary said...

you had a busy weekend! but looks like lots of the best things- family, friends, a little bit of crafting and photos!