Thursday, May 21, 2009

i survived . .

another round of may birthdays for 2009- they are all another year older-i get to wait a few more months. everybody got to have their choice of dinner and dessert:

pj: steak, loaded baked potatoes, brownies and chocolate mousse

andrew: moe's and going bowling, chocolate cupcakes with white icing

jean: fish and chips and fruit tart

steve: steak, loaded baked potatoes (i forgot the sour cream, i was reminded several times!)

salad (that was my idea :-) ! and cheesecake.

i think everyone enjoyed their special day

mom and the boys

singing to steve

now a chance to put my feet up for a long weekend at dillard-after i go to the quilt and yarn shop!!!

happy memorial day, and remember to thank our servicemen and women.

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mary said...

happy birthday to everyone! and we're looking forward to another celebration this weekend, and then of course, there's mexican, maybe in june.... it just keeps going!!