Monday, June 29, 2009

philadelphia in review

i really enjoyed visiting philadelphia and lancaster county, the photos are on flickr-
getting to run up the museum steps was the best! I also enjoyed the shopping:
sophie's yarns, loop , lancaster yarns, and spool, and the quilt shops in lancaster, and dinner at varalli along with reading terminal market with its fresh product, bread and cheeses. meeting new people, linda, kathy, and debbie-great tour guides through amish country. i got to enjoy some time to myself to get some knitting and reading done. the museum's artwork was great; as was the walking around the city. scaring danny bonaduce and getting on tv was just bonus. so far my favorite us cities are:
1. nyc
2. boston/cambridge
3. san francisco
5. savannah
i still want to visit chicago and go to the pacific northwest again-wine country anyone? would like to get to maine and new hampshire- maybe kathy's sister would have some space for a few days in nh!?
looking forward to fourth of july activities and a visit with polly and roy. have lots of projects to get done, 'cause you know christmas will be upon us before we know it-
happy 4th of july everyone (a bit early :-)

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mary said...

chicago is a great place to visit - not sure about the yarn there, but the food and the sights are great, especially the food! internet time is nearly over, will have to save looking at flickr for another day. glad you're home safe - and safe travels to florida next week.