Saturday, June 27, 2009

this one is for gina

on gina's (my cousin in amsterdam) recommendation, i visited this restaurant, and gave karl a big hello- you can't see the writing on the sign, but it says "hey gina!" the restaurant was great, and as you can see, gina, karl is doing very well, and was quite please to have a message from the continent. i took advantage of their "recession recover" menu which included 3 courses, i didn't get a photo of the mahi, but i will leave you with photos of the calamari and the bread pudding


Anonymous said...

all of the photos show that you had a good time...hard to believe that we left that area 26 years ago. Polly

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so pleased you made it and met Karl, he sent me a message on facebook saying you dropped by! Great that he was there. Thanks for passing on the message and posting the photo!x ginax