Wednesday, July 14, 2010


am enjoying visiting a new city. the hotel is sumptuous and the weather stunning. part of me wants to use my downtime to continue exploring the city, and another wants to enjoy the quiet solitude of the hotel room. i've tried to balance the two. on monday i explored the area and visited loopy yarns and had dinner at italiasia. dinner was a bit of a disappointment and the dessert horrible. i wish sara had been there cause she would have been able to describe the sad excuse of chocolate mousse cake- i needed a steak knife to cut through it. should have had it removed from my tab-oh well. yesterday after training my co-worker and i visited a used jazz record store-i bought the boys a few lps, did some clothes shopping and had a wonderful dinner at india house-more food than either of us could have eaten, but very good. today our plans after training include visiting quiltology, more cupcake, bbq at sheffield's (couldn't resist), also a bit more shopping and looking forward to fireworks on the river this evening. tomorrow will be the art institute of chicago and chicago style pizza-i'm sure there will be lots of knitting in there as well. photos are on flickr, but for some reason links i can't get links for this post- :-(

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Mary said...

sounds like fun (despite the disappointing parts) - love how you combine business travel with yarn and good food! safe travels home!