Sunday, July 18, 2010

chicago wrap up

one more photo before leaving chicago. can anyone really resist the blues brothers? i enjoyed chicago, quitology (in the lincoln park area i think-had to ride the subway to get there) was awesome a great selection of non-traditional fabrics, big airy store and a wonderful shop owner. sheffield's proved to be an awesome choice for dinner, just one stop north on the cta-salad with grilled chicken and an ice cold beer (chicago proved to be very warm) once we were back in the city we stopped a more cupcake-DI-VINE. i had the chocolate champagne and the raspberry cream (not at the same time, saved one for the next day) oh my! after a short rest at the hotel, i headed to the navy pier for the fireworks which were a lot of fun-made a quick stop at dominick's for bananas and apples for snacking and the flight home. on thursday we stopped in at millenium park to enjoy the gardens and sculptures before heading in to see some amazing art. the only disappointment at the museum was that the american quilt and english embroidery exhibits were closed. have also learned that i much prefer NY style pizza-don't know what's up with chicago deep dish-like where's the cheese and don't get me started on the crust-don't know what's up with that. all in all a good trip, treated myself to some goodies, and the art was truly stellar. decided to try my hand at videotapping the fireworks. and that's a wrap.


Mary said...

welcome home! sounds like you played (and worked) hard! Chicago is a great city for both!! hoping you took lots of photos - can't wait to see them!

joven said...

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Beth said...

It sounds like you had a great trip! I love the photo of you with the Blues Brothers.