Saturday, August 21, 2010

emails, facebook & ravelry

that's about the only way i've kept up with people over the last few weeks. have been keeping plenty busy, and know an update is long over due. since getting back from chicago we hosted an exchange student from toulouse, france for 3 weeks-such a delight-we wanted him to experience what is typical for our family and what may be considered typical for american teenagers. we also got to do somethings outside our normal routine as well. thanks to an awesome coupon from groupon, i'll be putting together a digital scrapbook to send to him later this fall.
there has been some knitting-a finished baby gift (an perhaps the source of my wrist problems),a shawl for mom,
a pair of socks for me. i've started another a shawl and a pair of socks for me, and need to cast on a toddler gift (hopefully more easy than the giraffe-different yarn/different needles). am hoping to finish que sera soon, and start on coraline(blue yarn below-love it);, then i'll have 2 sweaters for fall.

there has been a very little bit of sewing-i made a birthday gift, and finished this quilt-and made
i took a class to make this with kathy last summer, and was unhappy with the fabric selection, more my fault because i didn't understand the "quilting" lingo i guess-the class sample was black and white, and when she said 16 fat quarters from 2 color groups, i took that to mean a color plus white. it was too late to change as i'd already purchased the fat quarters. ANYWAY, figured this will be a great quilt to keep in the car for that impromptu picnic, or something where i won't mind if it gets dirty. BUT it can be marked DONE, and i didn't let the fabric languish in my stash. now i can move on to the other sewing projects i want a couple specific projects done by the end of september before our sewing weekend in hilton head-want to work on new projects that weekend.

we also had wisdom teeth pulled (pj), school starting- pj a senior and andrew a sophmore-wow!annual doctor visits, a carpel tunnel test, and regular work stuff. oh, and a birthday complete with cupcakes-lots of yummy yarn and food-mexican and 'ritas!
i've got lots planned so hopefully i'll be better about sharing-


Beth said...

You got a lot packed into one post! That cupcake looks so delicious - much better than the bran muffin I just had. :)

What yarn are you using for Coraline?

Mary said...

a blur indeed - we all need to figure out how to balance the various media - let's share lessons learned!!