Sunday, October 31, 2010

any minute now.

trick or treaters will be here-it's different now that the boys are older-no costumes or cupcakes with orange icing, but our neighborhood has lots of little kids so i's always fun to see the costumes and watch them hold open their bags and yell- "trick or treat!"- our candy bowl is ready-what's your favorite? i've put aside a couple heath bars (which i love!)
and sam the guard dog is keeping an eye on things.


Sara said...

That is a HUGE bowl of candy. Wow.

I'm extremely picky when it comes to Halloween candy. Luckily, I don't find myself ever eating it. My favorite is Reese's. I like m&m's, too. Best to keep it simple. (Dislikes include lollipops, skittles, any hard sugar candy, stuff with a lot of caramel, nerds, smarties, etc.)

Mary said...

um, yeah, that is maybe the biggest bowl of candy I've seen! (for our little neighborhood, a small basket will probably be more than plenty). I'm with sara - don't really eat candy anymore. but when I did, I liked snickers, frozen and m&m's. these days my treats run more to baked goods, like the pumpkin whoopie pies one of my students baked for class today - cream cheese frosting layered between two soft and chewy pumpkin cookies. yummmmm...

Beth said...

From that bowl, I'd pick the Mounds. I love coconut!

Steve handed out the candy tonight and he also handed out glow stick bracelets. He was dressed up as a Star Wars character so he left the glow sticks straight and called them light sabers. The kids loved them!

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