Friday, October 29, 2010


a very busy day at the office-photo shows only part of my now covered desk:
faxing to miami for hotel billing
faxing to all congressmen and senators for GA, NC & SC
mailings to the above
blogging :-)
pulling training stats for the boss from about 12 different spreadsheets (love doing this)
greeting folks who pass by my desk (avoiding eye contact with those who like to "waste" time with pointless chit chat): seriously it's like grand central station-but not as pretty!
answering emails-internal and through another email system we use
and delivery of these little guys-i love how they came out, just wish i could get the right needle/yarn combo so i don't injure myself making them.
it's friday, i'm very busy, which means the day will fly till i get together with THE GIRLS.! happy friday.


Mary said...

here's to happy fridays!! love those toys - and loved spending the evening with you!!

Beth said...

Cute, cute toys! I really enjoyed chatting with you last night!

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