Saturday, October 23, 2010

for the engineer in all of us

so, it's the continued saga of the tree removal across the street. i looked out the window on friday, and low and behold-there's a dude in the tree-no cherry picker insight, so i'm guessing he drew the short straw and got the job of climbing up to cut down the limbs. as i monitored his progress i realized that perhaps georgia tech should have sent some engineering students to observe the happenings. many thoughts crossed my mind as i watch the acrobatics required for removing the limbs.
1. what in the heck would your mother say about you being in that tree with only a drop line and spike boots keeping you in place-then-i saw this

2. dude you did not just step from that tree onto that roof top- seriously?
3. i almost can't bear to watch-but it's like that whole rear window (alfred hitchcock) thing

4. he steps back again-egad-thing is these are not a really big/substantial limbs -so i'm wondering just how in the heck is he gonna manage as these limbs get even smaller and the places he has to stand on get fewer.
5. so now there are 2 drop lines, and a pulley set up to lower the branches-it's almost too frightening to watch-i was ready to call 9-1-1 should he take a tumble-hey, the least i could do after gawking for 2 days at this phenomenon.

6. i think every engineering major would benefit from a field trip with a tree removal service. they'd probably get some additional life skills they don't teach you in school-okay scratch that idea-there's ladies about.
7. now i'm a little less worried for the dear lad-he's a bit closer to the ground now, so any fall would probably only result in some bumps and bruises-nothing Mercurochrome and a band aid won't fix.

8. whew-glad the job is done-you'd never know there was a tree there.


Beth said...

Oh, I know! I always start praying for the poor guy who has to go up the tree. When we had a tree taken down I made sure I wasn't around. I can't stand to watch!

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