Thursday, October 21, 2010

tree removal in 9 easy steps

1. ride the cherry picker up and over a roof top

2. assess approach to removing top limbs
3. hand off the limb you just sawed off via a drop line-don't hit your buddies down below
4. put severed limb into wood chipper parked on the very public sidewalk-repeat steps 2,3 & 4 until . . . now this is key considering what happens next.

5. have an indepth discussion with a police officer about what you might be doing wrong. either no permit to remove tree-or blocking a public sidewalk and road way without permission might be a no-no.

6. use this time productively by having a very extensive and well deserved smoke break, while you wait for a verdict, or perhaps consider the meaning of life.
7. repeat step 6 while another officer comes to take evidence photos.

8. return to the cherry picker; which will take you back over the roof tops so that you can begin to vacate the premises.
9. after receiving your orders to cease and desist, clean up, and vacate . . .
yes, it was a slow day at the office, but quite entertaining.


Sara said...


This definitely made me laugh. People sometimes...

Mary said...

too funny!

savita said...

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