Sunday, October 17, 2010

on being a girl

this week has reinforced for me that it really is fun being a girl. it was great having the monday off while everyone was at work/school. i got lots done. then knit night and the "after party" so much laughter-very good for the soul. i'm expecting more fun and laughs with jillian tomorrow for dinner, my quilt club on friday, then SAFF with Mom on saturday. yesterday i was able to mark more things off my "to do" list-woohoo!. such as dusting and cleaning stuff in the cabinets in the dining room-ugh, not my favorite thing, but it had to be done, and it felt really good putting all the sparkling things back in place- i finished citron, cast on my kai-mei socks, did one 1/2 sleeves for coraline, and completed a quilt top, and finished a book-i love my hobbies :-). i spent a lot of time in the kitchen too-turkey stock for thanksgiving-the picture doesn't do the smell justice!
a very girly dinner-steve and andrew were out bowling so mom and i had a frittata with prosciutto, asparagus, spinach, portabellas, and sundried tomatoes and a cucumber tomato salad-yum. i also made ina's pumpkin roulade with ginger cream for sunday's dinner-here's the cooked pumpkin i got in this week's market basket that i used-this was totally crazy to cook, but provided the perfect amount for the roulade with only just a little left over-maybe pumpkin muffins?
i snapped this photo earlier this week-don't you agree- a wonderful use for your car's ashtray-stitch markers at the ready.
of course, there was laundry, clearing out the 162 emails i'd gotten since monday, and other domestic "stuff". i also watched juno-i'd seen it before with jillian, and i cried again towards the end-not sure if it was the heart-wrenching fact that she was 16, pregnant and putting her baby up for adoption, or the angst of vanessa on wanting a baby of her own and not being able to have one~it reminded me while it's not easy being a girl, surrounding yourself with incredible women sure can make it a wonderful thing.


Mary said...

what a great post! good thoughts and lovely photos - and thank you for reminding me how blessed I am. being a girl is the best!!

Beth said...

I agree - great post! And those food photos are making me hungry! How do you get so much done in such a short amount of time?!

Beth said...
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