Wednesday, December 29, 2010

becoming a mary.

This posting will make sense so bear with me.  First off, the painting (photo credit: here) by velazquez is one of my absolute favorites. I did a paper on this for an art history class, and I had the privilege of seeing it in person at an exhibit a couple years ago at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston-i was giddy with delight. Discussions about this work include the idea of a picture within a picture- modern subjects that have the picture hanging in their home, or is the artist depicting the story in real-time?  Either way I love the story it tells, and the subjects of the painting are Mary and Martha and the visit Jesus made to their house-(Luke 10:38-42).  I’ve always seen myself as a Martha-a doer, and this is something I’ve wrestled with recently as an Elder in our church, and specifically when I’ve stepped into the role of Chairman for our ministry.  While I believe one of my spiritual gifts for service is administration/organizing, etc. what I’ve become both administrator AND the volunteer-gets a bit old after a while.  I also feel that if I put a volunteer need in the bulletin and newsletter, I shouldn’t have to issue a personal invitation as well.  Some may be okay with that, but not me-a bit of a rant, but necessary.  Fortunately there will be a new chairman in March, and I’ve decided that once my term as Elder is over, I’ll be stepping away from any and all leadership roles until Andrew is in college.  I have found some of the things I’ve become involved in have distracted me from worship and spiritual growth.  I’m looking for other ways to serve my church and community and I don’t want to feel guilty about saying “no”.  When Mary suggested doing a Bible study together in 2011, the timing couldn’t be more perfect.  Then suddenly it came to me this morning while I was drying my hair-i’m very serious about this, that I’m being called to be more of a Mary and less of a Martha. God does have an interesting way of speaking to us, and I love having affirmation that I’m heading in the right direction.   The study (and the cleaner plate) is exactly what I need, and I think we’re going to learn a lot from each other.   I also think that God puts people in your life at certain times because we’re not supposed to struggle through life alone.  I feel like a burden has been lifted, and I’m confident that on my road to becoming a Mary- my Mary will be there to share the journey (and continue to let me copy a few things from her too!)-am really looking forward to what 2011 has in store for me.


Mary said...

you inspire me! I am so looking forward to our year of study...and what we'll learn from each other - can't believe it starts on Saturday!!

Beth said...

Really great post! Bible study with friends (same Mary!) has become very important to me.