Monday, December 27, 2010

monday moment.

mary's always one to encourage and inspire, so for 2011 i'm hoping to be more consistent with blogging and more inspired by what's around me. so i'll join mary and beth with 10 for tuesday and i'll see how wordless wednesday works for me (sorry, no links-not working for some reason) . those ideas have lead to one of my own-here's  "monday moment". have enjoyed watching the birds this morning, saw an unusual one that i think was a woodpecker, along with some beautiful blue jays. they "ran" when i got my camera, but a few hung around below the feeder-they're regulars or they just like having their photo taken!. i love that our couch faces this window that faces the backyard where we have the feeder, i so enjoy watching the birds not only for their beauty, but it also reminds me how God takes care of  His creation- meeting our needs and loving us-even i hope to continue to be amazed-


Mary said...

love the thoughts you've expressed here...and great idea for a new weekly post!

Beth said...

I agree - great idea! We finally filled our bird feeder recently and I've been enjoying the birds, too. Just looked outside - time to refill and to find the suet feeder AGAIN! Those pesky squirrels knock it down.