Thursday, December 16, 2010

dec 16. sightings

on my walk at lunch time (yes in the partial rain), i passed this house which i've been wanting to take a photo of for a while, not many decorations in this area-i can't get the whole house without stepping into the street, but i love the colors, the porch and front door are equally decked out. this house is on 10th street near piedmont park.  one of my favorite spots in atlanta, and would so love to own property in this area. oh well, i was telling mom the other day that i'd like to just rent my christmas decorations, cause i can't really decide what i like the most: the pink, turquoise and grinchy greens. whimsical snowmen. green, gold and red. or blue, silver and white. so many options, i guess i'll admire the work of others. really wish i could barter knitting or cooking for holiday house decorating. any takers out there?

i also passed the federal reserve at 10th and peachtree and had to stop and wonder how in the world did they get the 3 ginormous wreaths up there.

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Beth said...

It's so hard to decide on Christmas decorating colors, isn't it? I was using brown and cream on my mantel this year but then I had to switch to colored lights on the tree. Now I'm thinking of switching out the brown and cream for brighter colors like the ones on the wreath in your photo.