Friday, December 17, 2010

dec. 17. sending greetings

am glad i've been able to stay up on this daily december project. am thinking that the text for each day will be printed on cardstock and then adhered with the photo.  at least i have the christmas papers already in the album so that's done.  put another stack of cards in the mail today, and i had already mailed a handful last week. have a few more i'd like to do as this is the only way that we've kept up with family and friends over the years.  this is a tradition that steve got me into, and try as i might i can't seem to get away from (not that i really want to), but i've gone from making every card (100+) and including photos to nice store bought sans photo.  i did do a blog posting one year and sent the link to people. my GOAL is to re-purpose the 300+ engraved note cards that i ordered when i got married and make a very simple, assembly line format set of cards for next year, if i do them all it might keep me going for a couple years. we'll see, but for now, sending merry christmas wishes to those who are near and dear.

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Beth said...

That's a great goal! I once bought a clearance package of wedding thank you cards, thinking I'd use them as a base. I've not done much with them but turning them into Christmas cards would be great!