Saturday, December 18, 2010

dec. 18-exchanging

today was our family gift and cookie exchange.
there were some new recipes featured this year. linzer cookies and pistachio/cherry biscotti from sara, we brought brownies and cappuccino pinwheels, and karen provided the haystacks, pastry bon bons and sugar with green/red m&ms. i'm sure jillian and paula helped too!  maybe in the new year i'll make a batch of the traditional spritz, but i'll have to get a cookie press. although the cookies are a highlight to our gathering we also exchanged gifts, hugs, laughs and yummy food. it's always a great time and one of the things i look forward to every year.


Beth said...

The cookies look so yummy! It sounds like you had a great time.

Mary said...

wow! you've kept up the daily photos and journaling so well - I know you're going to love having the album! we had such a nice time with everyone - this is one of my favorite holiday traditions, for sure! our card arrived in yesterday's mail - love the sparkles and thank you for the lovely holiday wishes. xxoo - m.

Mary said...

ooop! you know I meant the card from you, right?!