Wednesday, December 22, 2010

dec 21 & 22. just routine.

no photos for these 2 days, didn't see much that was new or christmas-y. as i've mentioned interior shots are pretty worthless once i get home from work.  the last couple days i've had to run errands after work making it a bit later than usual in attempting to do any photography. as of now, i've gotten caught up with my normal shopping, house cleaning, food shopping, the last of the christmas cards, and yes, christmas shopping. work has been the typical stuff, just fewer people around. i think i'm officially ready for christmas. hopefully over the next 3 days i'll have something to share, ideas are in my head, just need to photograph them. i'm including our girls italian feast on the 26th as part of my dec daily project as that'll be the last holiday celebration-which i'm sooo looking forward to BTW. not much by way of knitting, but i have made some progress on que sera, and i finished my boss' reversible ga tech-virginia tech quilt and vt table runner.  it was well received and i'm very glad to know that it'll be appreciated.  hope everyone who is well on their way to finishing up shopping and celebrations.

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Beth said...

I could use another day or two. :) But most of my discomfort is not being ready for my brothers and they get in on the 26th and 27th. So I really do have an extra day or two.