Thursday, December 23, 2010

dec. 23. lollygagging and a random photo.

i love the term "lollygagging", i heard it often enough when i was a kid, but find it even funnier that pj text'd me that this was the reason why he missed the bus several weeks ago. the kid's hilarious. anyway, my boss very generously let us leave the office at noon today, i knew this the day before, so i had already begun strategizing how i was going to use the time. i "lollygaged with lunch" thanks to a groupon i walked to piola-it was very good-salad caprese and chicken and mushroom pizza with very thin crust-tiramisu to bring home for the boys (along with the rest of the leftovers!)-then i walked back to my office to change for my normal lunch time walk the weather, while chilly was beautiful-blue skies and sunshine. the really great thing about this is i didn't have to rush back and change, in fact, when i was done, i stayed in my comfy yoga pants and jacket to do the rest of the errands for the day which included picking up a book for pj for next semester-how to read literature like a professor-seriously! it was really awesome getting to lollygag for a few hours.  now onto the random photo. since i've been a bit slack on the last 2 days, i needed to make a better effort. on yesterday's walk i saw lots of folks going to the fox for the afternoon matinee of the nutcracker. i absolutely LOVE seeing the nutcracker at the fox, so my plan was to get a photo of the theatre goers, but never thought i see such an adorable sight! a dad and 3 girls dressed alike off to see one of the most spectacular ballets. for many folks this is a holiday tradition, i've been a couple times for christmas and hope to go next year. now for the rest of the evening and until about 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, i plan to do a bit more lollygagging (and knitting!). can't believe tomorrow's christmas eve!

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Beth said...

I love it when I don't have anything I have to be doing. It's so relaxing. Glad you got some time off!