Friday, July 29, 2011

a "little" knitting

just a few things i'm working on-(l-r) cherry (just completed, need to sew on buttons), gilligan (maybe getting frogged, so on hold right now), summer splendor shawlette (peeking out of the cowboy bag, am re-doing the edge), one leaves of whimsy sock (completed), and paulie is in my lap-have separated the sleeves and body so this should start going real fast. waiting to be photographed espresso runched yoke tee  and flower basket shawlette. waiting to be swatched is lavaliere. couldn't resist lunch outside a cool breeze and 87 with very low humidity for a july!  happy friday ya'll-looking forward to seeing PJ tonight along with snacks and margaritas for dinner, and then hanging out with family tomorrow.


Mary said...

:-) maybe just a bit! (I'll bring my camera tomorrow - would love to be on this side of the lens for photos!)

Ana Miguel Sousa said...

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Beautiful pictures, also.
Keep on with the good work! :)

Ana Miguel (Portugal)

cottasofia said...

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