Wednesday, July 27, 2011

what i like right now-adult snacks

enjoying a small snack of cashews, dried cranberries and a very small broken square of 85% cacoa-mmmm very grown up. so different from the candy bars of my "youth". the only thing missing is a glass of wine, then again I AM at work! how about you?


Mary said...

ahhh... yeah, probably just as good they don't allow wine at your workplace :-)

my current favorite snack is popcorn. I'm addicted. and very thankful costco has a 42 pack box of 100 calorie bags. it's the perfect "fill me up a little bit before dinner" snack. (yes, I will bring plenty of those bags to the beach!)

LeAnn said...

My snacking has morphed from quantity to quality. I think I'll try your little work snack.