Saturday, October 8, 2011

bucket lists.

near our subdivision we have several "farms" with horses, cows and goats. it's really quite nice, and on one of my saturday morning walks i was able to get a couple shots of horses that were just let out to exercise and graze. this lovely chestnut came running towards the fence before settling in to graze. what do you think she's thinging?  she is beautiful.  learning to ride a horse is in my bucket list of thing i want to do, i've always wanted to learn to ride a horse, really ride, no holding on to the mane-no trail riding, but sitting straight up in the saddle ridding western style-but no roping cattle-i do have my limits. being one with the horse and riding like the wind, of course, i'd need a cool new pair of cowboy boots before i make this happen. :-) how you like the goats? naaaaaaaaa. what's on your bucket list?


Mary said...

steeking a sweater :-)

Anonymous said...