Monday, November 7, 2011

right now.

guess it's time to stop the crickets-didn't realize i hadn't done a blog post in a full month! not intentional. i've taken the odd photo here and there intending to share thoughts and ideas, but i guess with the extraordinary weather we've been having and the knitting i guess i got a little distracted-evident by the photo. i took this yesterday on my way to cast on cottage and it's the view from the sunroof which i refuse to keep closed when the weather is as lovely as it was yesterday. so aside from enjoying the weather- right now i'm:

enjoying fun knitting patterns, am currently doing this hat for unknown/unmet friend, this cardigan from stash yarn, this shawlette for a gift, and am waiting to cast on this sweater. i'll have 3 sweaters worth of yarn in my stash along with pattern ideas. my plan is to finish these before i buy more yarn, and of course, i've already chosen the patterns for yarn not yet purchased! such is the way with knitters.  since the last post i've finished 2 sweaters and a man scarf.

cooking with andrew-he looks so cute in his chef's coat-his skills are excelling, i'm glad he has found something he really loves.

STILL loving the Bible study i've been doing with mary and virginia-hard to believe we are almost done-what a journey.

making plans for a trip to new orleans in january-have always wanted to visit, steve and i found a great deal on airline tickets. this of course means i need to get the two cardigans mentioned above finished!

looking forward to birthday dinner with sara, the many family get togethers planned for november and december. especially looking forward to PJ being home for thanksgiving-have handled not seeing him every day pretty well, we use texting, facebook, emails, skype, and phone calls to keep in touch, even if it's just to say hi.

reflecting on what 2012 will hold-college plans for andrew-college "stuff" for PJ-traveling, knitting, quilting, Bible studies, growing and learning, etc.

but right now- am also enjoying the odd lazy saturday where i can sit and enjoy my morning coffee, get caught up on emails, paperwork etc, and relish in the knowledge that i have nowhere i need to be (until the holidays get here! yikes.)

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Mary said...

I hadn't realized you'd been away from your blog that long - feels like I'm seeing you more lately I guess! you have been knitting up a storm - lovely FO's to show for your time!