Saturday, December 10, 2011

dec. 10. the grinch

mom and i ventured into roswell today, it was fun to try and remember the places that were on canton street when i was a kid-we love that all the old buildings are still there, just the shops have changed.  we happened upon the grinch on our way to pastis for lunch-the ann jackson gallery was featuing some dr seuss artwork.  we didn't have time to venture in and see what that was all about.  we did find don tolbert's "bench" he and his family owned many businesses in roswell when i was growing up.  one of our memories is that he told me i couldn't wear cowboy boots because of my feet-well if he could see me now! i did pitch a fit cause i really wanted those boots.
couldn't resist the beautiful store front-canton street certainly felt christmas-y. it was cool, but a beautiful day to be out shopping.

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Mary said...

I need to take time myself to actually walk down canton street. of course I pass by every day on my way to cast-on cottage, but that's not the same as stopping to say hello to the grinch, or to admire the lovely christmas decorations!!