Monday, December 12, 2011

dec. 11 and 12. window shopping

no photo for sunday, it was a busy day, mostly filled with walking sophie. maybe i'll post a video next time.  i got in a brisk walk between church, lunch, and the youth christmas party.  all but one gift that's been purchased has been wrapped, but all the packages need tags and bows-hopefully tonight that'll be checked off.  i've begun my lunchtime walking again around midtown-the stationary bike isn't doing it for me anymore, and well, sophie wants to play while i'm trying to get my workout done! So, today i snapped this photo outside en paris which always displays their cool wares at the window. when i made it to the starbucks at 7th and p'tree i was too stunned by the lack of holiday cheer to snap a photo-maybe tomorrow. seriously?! they always have something holiday-ish on the windows- can you say-bah humbug?! anyway, i'm about halfway through a christmas gift hat for emmanuel, and will be starting my last christmas knitting gift by week's end.  i'd just wished i could have gotten my package to the podaire's before christmas, but that's just not going to happen.

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Mary said...

sounds like you're on task (I'm only a bit jealous :-) love the holiday window... and hate that the starbucks you saw didn't have their "let's merry" in the window.