Tuesday, December 13, 2011

dec. 13-merry and bright (sunshine)

a beautiful day to be out at lunchtime, am loving the warm temperature.  yesterday on my walk i notice a new color scheme for the gate and porch decorations of this house-here's the photo from last year.  i'm thinking they probably hired someone to take care of their decorations, or else they are interior decorators.  i'd love to be able to change out my entire home decor each year.  i love the different color combinations that people come up with-

the next few days are going to be C-R-A-Z-Y, and if i make it to monday morning without pulling my hair out i think i'll be okay. my "to do" list includes:
~purchase (today) and wrap 1 more gift to give on friday evening
~inject and prep one turkey by wednesday night for deep frying at our office thursday morning
~purchase (today) additional items for our christmas lunch on thursday
~measure out 4 kinds of cookies to be cooked on saturday-this year there will be spritz! i caved and bought a cookie press
~figure out what we're having for dinner on thursday and saturday that requires no cooking
~decide if i'm going to knit or sew at quilt club friday night
~make bark, rosemary cashews and brittle for gift giving
~make cookies mentioned above
~prepare for family gift exchange (as in figure out the food thing)
~ walk sophie a gazillion times between now and then
~ who knows what else!!!!, but i think that's enough right now
i had to include this photo-i got a bottle of wine today from one of my bosses, i love how he used a sheet of christmas paper as gift wrap-genius!

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Mary said...

revel in the busy and enjoy!! (you can relax next week, right?!) can't wait to see you sunday!