Saturday, December 24, 2011

dec. 23.sophie-ism #2

until we got sophie, i didn't venture out to the back yard much during the winter-the first day we had her i spotted this bird nest in the shrubs, i spotted another today not far from this one as well-SO the lesson is take the time to look around you and be amazed by what you discover.
i had to officially post this picutre-probably the best one i've gotten of sophie that shows her face-ahhhhhh!
also, we've discovered that having a puppy in the house (like all the time) is much like having a 2 year old! here's one way that we've "sophie-proofed" the house. she loves the boys shoes (why i do not know).
am looking forward to our traditional christmas eve dinner, candlelight service and one service on christmas day, along with our traditional christmas day brunch and spending time with the boys-interesting how my favorite things center around food! i'm also pretty excited about the major clean up, organizing, refreshing, updating, etc of the house and computer i have planned during my stay-cation. weird i know, but it feels like starting the new year with a very fresh start.

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