Monday, December 5, 2011

Dec 3 & 4. celebrations and additions

i'm already playing catch up with the December daily in the first week!, but that's totally okay. one of our favorite traditions is to celebrate the adult family member's birthday with a late lunch at a local mexican restaurant. lots of laughs and good food-ALWAYS. saturday we celebrated ron and mary's birthday AND we also got to celebrate katie and rob's engagement-this could explain mary's big smile (then again, she always has a big smile!).

on sunday, we added a furry member to our family- sophie simone louisette-she's such a love-she's 13 pounds and about 12" from shoulder to the floor, and has very big paws. standard poodles typically range in weight +/- 45-55 pounds and 21-27" at the shoulder-she's gonna be a big girl!  her name is a compromise-steve and andrew thought simone was too long. since poodles are #2 on the smart dog list andrew thought sophie was appropriate as it's greek for wisdom, a co-worker's last name is simone and it sounded like a good girl name that wasn't priss-y and not too french-y, louisette is the name of one of julia child's co-authors of her first book and just seemed to fit with simone, so there you go. she had a bath last night and her fur is so curly-swirly and soft. she's adjusting well to our home and loves company. i can't wait for the rest of the family-including holly to meet her on the 18th.

it was a wonderful weekend, celebrating birthdays and engagements AND adding a nephew in-law (sometime soon) and a furry friend. although my house is still a mess with sorting christmas decorations-anyone know a decorating elf who's not too busy right now?!


Sara said...

can't wait to meet sophie simone!

Mary said...

congratulations on the new addition! I'm sure she and holly will be besties!!