Tuesday, December 6, 2011

dec. 5-play date

sophie had her first play date with anna. silly me thought i'd get some great photos, except i forgot that at 7 pm it's dark! we met at swift-cantrell park, and did 2 miles-quite a bit for a puppy.  she did great and enjoyed greeting strangers and playing with anna.  she was a very tired girl when we got home. it's amazing
how quickly she's gotten used to being in a harness and using a leash.

we can learn a lot from dogs-take time to greet strangers-enjoy the smells and sights around us-and spend time with friends-no matter how busy.
you know that decorating elf didn't show up like i'd hoped-

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Mary said...

we can learn a lot from dogs! (have you read the art of racing in the rain? you need to!) ...good luck finding that decorating elf!