Thursday, December 8, 2011

dec 6 & 7. dashing

on tuesday i had to go to lenox square mall for a christmas gift. i drove there-got my gift-got a cookie-snapped this photo-drove back to my office in 68 minutes-whew!-no speeding at all i swear!

on wednesday i was still dashing-the morning rain, walking sophie, and having to make a stop at publix before work made for more dashing,and i never took the time to take a photo. i managed to run some errands after work, wrap some gifts, and play with sophie. maybe i'll come back and post a photo of the wrapped gifts-am sure that'll be totally okay. what has you dashing?

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Mary said...

feel fortunate to say I'm not dashing today.. and earlier this week it was only the rain that made me move faster than I wanted to... I'm sure sophie is taking a lot of time. when I think about LBH (life before holly) I don't remember what I did with all that time I now spend walking with her! but it's all good, isn't it?!