Thursday, December 8, 2011

dec 8. lists.

i think i have more lists than santa! i'm a list maker anyway, but when the holidays come around-they seem to get a bit out of control. i've got a list for sophie's vet visit, a list for our office party, 2 shopping lists, thing to do, a list of what i need/want to do during my staycation after christmas. i'm on the verge of needing a list for my lists-i'll use my iphone for that one-which also has a list of yarn i need to get today!
what's on your list?

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Mary said...

I've got a few things left on my gift list, and I'm holding off on other lists until the girls get home on the 16th. realized today we need a list (maybe a color coded spreadsheet?!) for who has the car(s) when, though!!