Tuesday, January 3, 2012

10 things for 2012

had to think a bit about this ten on tuesday-taking a few items from mary's list along with my list below:

1. exercise daily and establish and maintain an even more healthy diet
2. help andrew find a college that's the perfect fit.
3. blog more
4. focus- my 2012 word, so it'll take extra effort to stay on that path
5. read through all the books that i've borrowed or have been given to me-hopefully get to those i've bought and haven't touched yet.
6.  improve my sewing skills
7. teach sophie how to catch frisbees (this is more for steve-think it'll be fun anyway)
8. successfully grow tomatoes and cucumbers this summer
9. work on using up "stuff" and purging those things that i don't really need
10. try NOT to acquire more stuff in order to make #9 more doable.

am really looking foward to what 2012 has in store.


Mary said...

love your list! and I'm a huge fan of the frisbee one (maybe because I can't catch a frisbee myself?!) - hope, too, for lots of happy memories...and photos to remember them by. here's to the best year yet!

Beth said...

Great list!